Unlike normal plugs that flow down the drain, the TubShroom fits and tenderly grips the hair. Is it time to clean up the whole drainage system? Individuals can just clean TubShroom and it’s all done!

The TubShroom bathroom drain filter fits all regular bathroom drains and is secured to catch all hair at all times. Available in five fun discrete colors: Pure White, Blue, Gray, Green, and Orange as per your preference.

The bathtub drain hair tub will fit any regular 1.5-inch house drain but not for shower drains. Such a small product has many services. If you’ve tried other drain covers or hair protectors, you know they take larger space and can be improved in that specific area.

TubShroom always does it right in providing the services by collecting all the unwanted hairs.  TubShroom is a novel drain protector that reduces harmful chemicals and expensive sanitary bills of the plumber.

TubShroom is intended to capture human and animal hair and is much easy to remove and clean. Fits any conventional bathroom drain. The versatile product double TubShroom works in any shower, sink, or shower as per the structure.

The stretchers currently accessible on the market left a lot to be wanted, so we went to the representation table. We challenge personally to develop a screen that conquers all the drained hair every time we bathe or bathe our animals.

A big part of the test was building a display that looked really good and, most significantly, very easy to clean and maintain for a longer period. After about three months of testing and some defects, TubShroom was born finally.

We tested the model for several weeks and were so fascinated that we made several of them to give to our friends. After some solicitude and hesitation, we implemented a patent and decided to launch the product.