Pros & Cons

Are you aware of the biggest enemy in a drain, principally a bathtub drain? It is the hair that gets stuck. The strands of the hair tend to stick to the walls of the drain frequently. They are tight enough and also they prevent the tub from draining accurately if there is no TubShroom in the sink.

But, instead of inviting a plumber, every stage you have this query, an easy solution is to get a bathtub hair catcher. Check out all the advantages and disadvantages of a TubShroom hair collector.


The installation of TubShroom products will take merely a few seconds. Individuals have to just insert it into the tub drain and that’s all, it’s done. If you have a drain cover above, just discard it and replace it with the help of a screwdriver.

The usage is error-free and collects all the drained hairs. Let it sit for a few dates or even weeks maybe. After that, simply switch it to check the amount of accumulated hair and take them all out with a towel.

The cleaning of TubShroom is much easy. Just take the product with one hand and use it to make the drops with a towel. Clean all the attached hairs and collect them all out.

The hair is wrapped around the body of the hair receptor while the water flows continuously. It is held so that hair does not come out of the drain without opening the drainage pipes, which can be much ugly.

It is also approachable to the capillary drainage receiver thus prevents from blockage of the drainage system. If you have more than one bathroom at your home, there are no issues buying a brush for everyone to maintain constant water flow.


The TubShroom does not work for bathtubs that have pop-up drainage with a pole inside it.