Product Review

If the bathtub, shower, or sink has a drain plug you don’t want to block the water itself. All the ultimate drain protectors may be the right choice but the TubShroom is the perfect choice for many individuals.

The ring for the water flow is nearby the drain cover and holds all the hair you want to hold. When the device is full of hair, individuals can simply wipe it clean with a tissue to remove all the stacked hair.

TubShroom plug is obtainable in various colors to make it look aesthetically. Also, check out the reviews of those individuals who already used it and are saving much time and money.

It really serves the exact purpose, as long as individuals free up the collected hair once a week. It really checks and collects all hair from going down the drain. I just wanted to buy it years ago, that would save a lot of time and money.

TubShroom is much better than a rubber hair collector! It has no black mold and surfaces to have less dirt on its hair. I had no query cleaning it and it washes off after a short peel which takes few minutes with a toothbrush or other small brush with ease.

TubShroom with very easy installation and design recognizes the hair to be trapped inside, without changing the flow of water during the shower. Generally convenient to use and highly recommended to all the individuals.

Initially, there was in doubt when they advertised TubShroom as “rust free”, but after the usage and using it, I can say that it is really is the stainless steel. It is still not rusted compared to past metals that I have used and it is very easy to clean even if it has collected a lot of hair. A towel will do fine in cleaning.