TubShroom is a prominent update to the latest bathtub filter, for those who have closed and filling the bathtub with dirty water along with the hairs. TubShroom collects all the hair and still lets a lot of water run down the drain effectively.

With the different types of adapters provided, you have the perfect fit in our bathtub with the TubShroom. It is the original fits any model bath tray drain with a suitable fit. This mushroom’s unique shape accomplishes maximum water flow even when the hairs are stuck to it.

The TubShroom is really easy to wash, just take it out of the drain lid and remove all the hair at the sink. They tend to get stuck when dry also so they need a wash and also the removal. It is best to clean them when they are still wet to get convenience while the removal.

The design is so that it lets in a lot of water, although a lot of hair sticks to the product, so it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often but to get better water flow, the clean up is required. And it keeps all dirty hair out of sight under the lid itself.

TubShroom is so easy to use that you only ought to place it in the drain of your shower. If the drain has a lid, it can ordinarily be removed with a screwdriver in moments. Individuals can check the product every two weeks to see how much hair has been collected and also check the water flow.

When it’s time to take a shower or just fill the sink, the TubShroom hair collector works perfectly to make the water flow free. Simply place the item in the drain hole and push it in constantly for a suitable fit to collect the unwanted hair and also for an adequate water flow mechanism.