Hair Catcher

TubShroom is the original fits any model shower tray drain with a suitable fit. This mushroom’s unique shape provides for maximum water flow even when the hairs are stuck to it.

Hair remains perfectly before entering the drain around the lower lip, and also they are completely out of sight until any individual cleans the TubShroom physically.

Make sure bath and shower channels flow easily with TubShroom Clog protectors in the drain lid. These devices keep your drain clean for almost years before any replacement. According to many consumers, these are the perfect units to avoid hairs getting lost in your drain.

TubShroom Clog protectors are two parts to which the united price applies. Durable vinyl construction in the unit promotes longevity and long-term usage. Six Convenient Suction Cups to collect the hair while Hold Drain Cover Firmly while water flow. It is like the Dishwasher safe design that promotes maximum comfort.

1. Advantages

  • Easy to clean at any time.
  • Hold firmly in place for water flow.
  • TubShroom keeps bath and shower channels clean.
  • Available at an affordable price at the nearest supermarket.
  • Fits well with regular shower/tub drain sizes.

2. Disadvantage

All the drain defenders tend to lose suction and the hair is below, otherwise, all other factors are fine.

Mechanism With TubShroom

If individuals want to keep the drain free from runoff, cleanliness, and from the unwanted hairs, TubShroom Clog Drain Guards are right for that purpose. They are designed especially for the bathing shower and bath drains to collect the drained hairs.

Users can definitely expect them to do their job comfortably at every time. Ideally, each of the defenders has an internal width of 3 inches and an external diameter of 5-1 / 4 inches maintaining adequate water flow.

  • It’s robust and helps increase the life of the drain by collecting all the hairs.
  • Six Practical Suction Cups: Holds Firmly to maintain water flow
  • White finish: flawlessly readjusts to existing accessories.

Now individuals can say goodbye to clogged drains that are a query as they now have a high-performance TubShroom hair collector for all the bathroom drains.

This device holds and blocks hair and other small things that could get caught in the drain itself. So individuals have to clean and free drains and also the TubShroom itself once a week or two as per the usage.

  • A hidden basket: completely collects hair and allows water to flow freely.
  • It has durable metal construction – Makes the design reliable for years

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