Many thanks to Harald Rehberger for his help and experience, the person behind the TubShroom. Slowly but surely, TubShroom increasingly matches what we had imagined and the intentions of the design.

After a few hours at a local hardware store, we found some raw materials that we needed to put coincidentally our first handmade model. Time to start working on 2D drawings and develop the concept. We work with some of the best designers in the industry to make the perfect design for the TubShroom.

Drafting the actual design, this meant a lot to us. While operating with the CAD designer, It is very creative and fulfilling work on many levels for the product launched as a TubShroom. Shortly, it gained much popularity for the working procedure at ease.

We are after one of the most accomplished producers of plastics and silicones. All that remains is to produce the final prototype. In other words, molds are the most expensive part of the project as all the other models will be made based on it.

Unlike standard covers that go through the drain, TubShroom is specifically designed to fit quickly into the drain itself. Hair encloses the central cylinder while water still flows freely over various holes strategically settled throughout the device borders.

One of the great advantages of TubShroom design is that individuals only see your hair when you pull on TubShroom to clean it weekly or monthly. Cleaning couldn’t be easier sometimes but it is a must to do rather than cleaning the whole drainage system.

All individuals have to do is take out of the tub with a paper towel and remove the hair. It only takes one effortless move to get rid of all the stuck hair. Do not keep the TubShroom with the hair on it as it may get stuck and reduce the water flow rate.