Prevention is better than cure and many are looking for the shower hair catcher that is easy to install, can be used with hot water. It must capture hair effectively and maintain the flow of water.

There is a reason why TubShroom is the most favorite and best-rated hair collector or receptor on this list. The device is so popular and efficient that it even won the 2018 KBB Product Innovator Award where it rated top among the bathroom products category.

As with any hair catcher product, shipping and production delays are always possible. The officials behind the product are committed to strictly meeting eery deadlines and making sure the TubShroom produces on time.

We may take a few more weeks in case of an unexpected delay but the delivery of the TubShroom will be expected soon. If everything goes according to the view, we will do it quickly than promised.

Throughout the study and development method, we explored with different designs to create the perfect filter for the hair catcher. After a long process, we create a working model for our design specs, which speeds up the production procedure as soon as TubShroom reaches its funding target.

Also, the development in design to make it more efficient is on its way. Its innovative design, which aims to shape like a mushroom, hence the organization name, aims to capture human hair and even the hairs of smaller animals, without even restricting the flow of water.

Works with standard 1.5 or 1.75-inch drains effectively and stops all the hair flowing to the drainage. One of the most impressive projects for a drained hair collector is TubShroom.

As it has a flower-shaped design that captures all the drained hair even before it enters the drain itself. In this way, no hair really leaves your grasp and maintains the drain for the flow of water.