Most people know what it’s like to get in the shower and smell the water with all the dirt to the ankles five minutes later. A clogged shower drain without TubShroom may have a dirty smell. Literally everyone we live with loses hair during every bath.

The average individual loses 50 to 100 hairs a day, but if they have shorter, thinner hair, probably won’t notice much when it comes to the draining scenario. Unfortunately, it is a great issue to resolve and TubShroom is an appropriate solution for cleaning the drainage.

And if any individual only washes their hair once or twice a week, those hair washes can lead to even more hair loss due to the waste from the previous day. For individuals with an average of 100,000 to 150,000 scalp hairs and those who wash frequently, there’s a lot of hair that needs washing.

TubShroom – Hair Catcher

The TubShroom got the KBB Product Innovator Award 2018 in the section of Home & Bathroom category and is a mushroom-shaped silicone product that fits most shower drains.

This product is made to collect hair around the draining water, rather than allowing it to pass through the tubes to generate blockage. If you notice restriction of water flow after washing your hair, clean the TubShroom and put it back.

All the TubShroom users love it because it is very simple to use and install. No chemicals, no hands that can get dirty, no need for replacement until it is damaged. TubShroom inventor Serge Carnegie says silicone should “last as long as the bath and it covers all the hairs which clog your drainage system.

TubShroom Properties

With the TubShroom there comes a revolution in drain protection as, unlike regular plugs that go through the drain, TubShroom blends and gently gathers the hair around the drain. When there are many hairs it is time to clean, just clean the TubShroom only and GO! No requirement of chemicals to clean the drainage.

After the usage of TubShroom, no more clogged drains at the bathroom drain filter fits all standard bathroom drains and takes every hair every time. The TubShroom has been revealed to easily capture any category of human or animal hair without obstructing the flow of water to the drain.

Save money and a visit to the plumber can cost hundreds while the TubShroom does not. Drain rolls and liquid drain cleansers are tedious to work with and are not always useful, let alone tensioning the pipes.

Award-winning and registered design of the TubShroom was identified as the 2018 KBB Product Innovator Award winner in the Home & Bathroom section. Shroom’s patented design now protects more than three million drains restricting the hair to flow thee drainage system.

Ultra Benefits are of the new TubShroom Ultra easily catches all hair without blocking the water flow, remains mold, rust, and allows room for a wide type of drains, even without the usage of any crossbars.

The brand is so self-confident that customers will love the new life without costiveness with TubShroom that we will give 60 days to return it if you are not entirely satisfied.

More than 15,000 people are fascinated with our Shroom product line providing absolute comfort.

Fix The Drain With TubShroom

To fix the drain, individuals can vacuum it up and keep pouring Drano down the tubes as you turn the big groups while working not to vomit. However, TubShroom is the perfect solution for all the problems of drainage and blocked drainage.

TubShroom got noticed as strange plastic mushroom-shaped a little over some period ago. This device is small and fixes all your drainage issues. It accumulates all the drained hair and prevents blockage. It is much easy to clean the TubShroom rather than the whole drainage.

Official NameTubShroom
UsageHair Catcher
ProductBathroom Cleaner
IndustryHome Care

Advantages Of The TubShroom

It was originally thought that the TubShroom was harmful. This option is safer and dodges restrictions in the bathtub, rather than of using chemicals to clean them.

It has the place above the water drainage flow and prevents all the hair to flow to the drainage line preventing the blockage excessively.

All the individuals can save money, in the long run, purchasing TubShroom now. Fewer obstacles with the device also mean fewer calls to the worker, which means more savings. We no longer need to think about buying deals, as the TubShroom is much cheaper and also available at your nearest supermarket.

The TubShroom is very easy to clean and takes a few minutes. Everyone bathes every day and therefore loses hair if they swirl up together in the same proportion.

After using TubShroom, the thought of having to reuse every month to eliminate hair fall pieces of hair from the drain is much of great value.

With this solution, it is much easy to eliminate hair and dirt and takes about 10 seconds with the assistance of the TubShroom. Anyone can do this without an objection, so there is no reason remaining for clogging your tub after the device is inserted into the drain.

What everyone prefers to do was slide the TubShroom down as it is very easy to take it for the cleaning, and take it out and put into the drain plug back on so the water remains out.

The only obstacle is that as soon as you unlock the flood-proof doors of the TubShroom at the end of the bath and the water runs down the drain, all the hair is entangled and debris you may have as the dive is created.

An individual has to clean the clogged hair with the TubShroom once a week or month as per the usage of the bath.

But the brand behind the TubShroom thought about the issue and found a solution. The TubShroom drain cover works in coincidence with other fungi when you shower or don’t want to drain the water but also want to protect the hair and dirt.

Obviously, we haven’t examined TubShroom yet, so we can only hope it works as well as the original device.

How To Clean TubShroom?

It is generally observed that, after washing the hair certain times, the bathtub gets a slight rough with the clog. This does not happen when an individual uses the TubShroom device which stops all the hairs and minute particles to create a blockage in the drain itself.

Remove the TubShroom from the drain if the hairs are clogged and use a towel to remove the hair and dirt around it.

Rinse the TubShroom in the sink with cold water and mark that all the holes are clogged and clean them.

Also, rub the product with a damp antibacterial paper towel included in soap. Make every corner and the top, the sides, the lining, the bottom, clean to resume it again.

Add cold water again and check that all the sides have been washed removing all the clogged hair from the design and pores.

Dry the rubber item with a cloth and put it back in the shower drain for further usage. Repeat monthly until you find it clogging much more with the hair.

TubShroom was the best investment ever made as a device that lowers the work and keeps the drainage clean. This is overkill, but many users still firmly believe that TubShroom is very helpful in saving time in daily life.

With respect to the low prices to solve a common problem, it was pretty obvious to get the device from the supermarket. If anyone has hair longer than a haircut, if you have furry creatures, or just want a cute and functional mushroom-shaped device from letting the drain blockage TubShroom is the best device anyone can opt for a shower drain.

TubShroom Description

TubShroom is the Revolutionary Drain Protector Hair Catcher and also a bath plug that fits correctly into the drain of the shower tray and effortlessly takes any hair that seeks to enter the drain without light. There are a variety of challenges every day one of which is the blocked drainage system. No more blockage as the TubShroom prevents it all.

Fortunately, clogged drains don’t have to be one anymore in the presence of a device in the shower drain. Individuals purchasing the device can be sure that TubShroom is suitable for all the hair types, and both for humans and pets. The mushroom’s unique shape supports for highest water flow so you can continue to shower without the water clogged.

It is seen that hair carefully builds up in the drain around the lower lip, quite out of sight, until you’re ready to clean it physically. There is no requirement of any more exorbitant plumber bills and harmful chemical cleaners that should damage your pipes. The device is chrome in color coordinating with the other devices.

Cleaning clogged drains should no longer be a part of the daily work as for it now there is a perfect device. TubShroom is a bristle that provides snugly into the drain of the shower tray and effortlessly picks up all the hair that examines to get through the exposed drain.

He is the perfect device you deserve in your bathroom for stopping the blockage frequently. Individuals in possession of the device or thinking of buying it can be sure that TubShroom is suitable for all hair types. There will be no more exorbitant plumber bills.

  • Save Hundreds on Plumber expenses.
  • Durable and strong construction.
  • Super easy to apply and clean at any time.
  • A look that matches almost all the bathtubs.
  • Advanced technology to save time and money.
  • Worldwide, more than 3 million protected drains.
  • Unlike orderly plugs that flow down the drain, TubShroom fits all and keeps every hair out of draining.
  • Is it time to clean up the whole drainage? You must clean the TubShroom and you’re done with the cleaning procedure.

The device TubShroom fits any regular bathroom drain size and can catch any hair without missing the one. Also, it maintains a regular flow of the water into the drain helping the constant flow of the water.

More About The Usage of TubShroom

TubShroom is so easy to use that it just has to put it in the shower tray and it will do all the rest of the work. If the current drain has a lid, it can usually be eliminated with a screwdriver in seconds.

Individuals can check the equipment every two weeks to see how much hair has been collected and remove it with ease. It takes a few minutes to do so and keep the TubShroom back at the spot ready to go.

Rather being such a small product has many benefits. If you’ve ever tried other drain covers or hair protectors, you know how much room it takes in that area. TubShroom always does it right by just fitting at the correct spot to every sink.

When cleaning the TubShroom, you can simply pull it outside of the drain with one hand and remove all your hair dry with a paper towel which is much easier than cleaning the whole drainage pipe or tube.

You will see that the hair from the product comes out clean and crisp at the same time. It is believed that the hair has never been so cooperative while removing it from the item.

No one likes to pull a lock of hair out of the shower drain. If you are like us, you will suffocate when you need it. But the worst part is having to call a plumber to clean the drain. You can get hundreds of dollars for a completely preventable situation when using a bathtub drain plug.

These drain plugs are positioned in or around the drain to collect loose hair or the other debris, let’s be frank, hair is not the only matter that is blocking the channel. Once the TubShroom installed, you only need to wash the drain plug once a week and that’s it with the work.

The revolutionary TubShroom bathroom drain protector is one of the most common bathroom plugs in the market and proves that even the simplest accessories can benefit from a new upgrade.

This silicone product sits in your drain easily and takes human and animal hair while using the shower or bath at all times. As a bonus, this drain plug takes hair from your drain, so there’s no nasty mess on your shower floor at any time of bath.

For a super easy and cheap way to protect your drains, get the TubShroom Hair Catcher now. This plastic drain plug has a lip and basket arrangement that enables you to catch all the kinds of hair and dirt.

The case also has a removable handle so you can lift the lid of the cover with just one finger while cleaning. Installation is as easy as embedding the plug into the sink or the tub itself.

If you want the drain plug to make a statement instead of mixing in the background, consider the drain plug. This particular silicone material connects to the top of the pipe and forms a lip that blocks hair from entering the pipes.

It also has a silicone gasket that can be used to restrict the flow of water when you want to shower and the sink remains open for the flow. This device comes with five multi-colored drain plugs, so individuals can choose one for each drain as per the home.

Protecting holes from capillary blockages can be difficult without the TubShroom, especially since most drain plugs are located directly in the drain itself unable to remove.

The edges of the plug are flushed with the shower or the bathtub itself, but the dome at the top supports the hinged drain to fit comfortably underneath the drainage, while the drain plug keeps hair and dirt out of the hods.

Instead of using a cylinder or basket, this TubShroom stopper has hooks that hold the hair before entering the drainage making clog down the drain. While this does not stop dirt from entering the pipe as the holes are of much higher diameter wrapping all the hairs only, as it makes cleansing clogged hair much more lenient.

After the installation, instead of cleaning the whole basket or cylinder, all individuals need is a pair of scissors to cut your hair, so it can easily fix and does not clog into the drainage systems

It is an amazingly efficient way to prevent drain blockage and manages with most types of the drain. This is because this particular silicone receptor lies flat in a shallow drain or covers around an emerging strain.

In addition, the Tub Shroom drain plug can be quickly moved from drain to drain and is much easy to clean due to its flexibility.

Overview For TubShroom

Individuals can be sure that TubShroom is a much-fit alternative for all hair types, for humans as well as for the pets. There cannot be any more expensive plumber bills and harmful chemical detergents that should damage your drainage pipes permanently.

TubShroom fits every conventional shower tray drain with a comfortable fit socking all the hairs while anyone using a shower. The Tub Shrooms’ mushroom’s like unique shape allows for most water flow so you can proceed to shower.

The hair is perfectly settled in the drain encompassing the lower lip until you clean it. A drain with the TubShroom can go without cleaning for weeks based on the usage and the members. Also, it can be cleaned frequently for the perfect water flow.

The structure of TubShroom is made of durable industrial-grade silicone, so there is no requirement to replace it for at least 10 years of usage. Now, you can say goodbye to serious and harmful cleaning agents, expensive workers, and clogged drains permanently.

Enjoy your showers again in peace and do a regulatory check every consecutive week.

  • Unlike the regular plugs that spill down the waste, the TubShroom fits and considerately grips all the hair.
  • It is much easy to clean as you have to clean the TubShroom and you’re done!
  • The bathroom drain filter fits all standard shower drains and is insured to catch all hair at all times of shower or a bath.
  • The product is available in 6 fun colors based on the types of equipment fixed in the bathroom one can choose from the list.
  • The Bath Drain Hair Trap Fits All the Standard 1.5 Inch Bathroom.
  • Drains with ease and it is much easier to take it out frequently for cleaning although it is done once per month.

About TubShroom

Tub Shroom is much easy to install at any drain as it fits any standard 1.5 ” x 1.75 ” bathroom drain size. In the bathroom, if there is a metal sink above the drain, it can be changed with a screwdriver and replaced with the TubShroom. It begins to grasp all the hair and prevent the drain from clogging in most of the cases.

Every week or so, many individuals take the TubShroom, clean the hair, wash it in the sink, and leave it down the drain again for the next usage. Storage, removal, and cleaning only take a few seconds.

The product is designed to stay easy to stay in the best conditions. The brand also provides alternatives for the bathroom or kitchen sink, shower drains, and drain covers as per the customer’s requirement, so any drain in your home can remain hairless and prevents clogging in it.

At the time of Tub Shroom’s discovery, there were more than 11,000 5-star reviews on the online purchase site. Then many individuals came to know that it is a reliable product for daily usage.

Reviewers love how TubShroom captures long, thick hair and keeps it light and secure with all the ease. Other reviewers use TubShroom as they wash their puppies and catch all the hairs out of the product.

The result is a clean drain which is free from any blockage. It maintains the water flow accurately even when there is hair inside the product. However, the designers do recommend to clean it every week or every consecutive week by removing all the hairs.

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